Thursday, June 2, 2011

TV: Angry Boys - Episode 4

(Credit: ABC)

A rising skate star comes out, while Dan tries to help Nathan with a masturbation problem in an episode that was a little less frustrating this week.

You'll find the general problem with this show at the moment is that the past few weeks have had it pinned as a comedy, when in fact it delivers satirical pokes at stereotypes without the funny. I can imagine the frustration, I've spoken to people who watch it and have also said they feel it's very light on the laughs. This week's episode was light on the laughs, but at the same time not as frustrating and jarring to watch.

Blake continues to struggle with his identity, with a great little line delivery from his wife to him after he reveals his days plan for initiating new members to the Mucca Mad Boys with "sounds like a really productive way for two 38 year old men to spend their day," Blake's wife is more his mother, he's a kid - we know that and it hits an extreme later on in the episode.

I have to say, there was some funny moments with Blake, in particular when introducing the potential members to the trials that they would have to face in order to get into the gang. Such things as - hanging slabs of meat on their balls, wearing "titty" caps while streaking down the aisles of a supermarket, or just casually being dangled off a cliff did manage to tickle the funny bone. 

Blake's mindset as a gang leader gag worked was when the "showdown" between the Fennel Hell Men and the Mucca Mad Boys took place and an egotistical and territorial Blake was put in his place when stopped by his wife and ordered to get into the car. A gag that wasn't so much as funny, but more a strike at Blake's idiocy.

We were also introduced to Tim Okazaki and Jen Okazaki (Jen played by Lilley.) A Japanese mother and her American born son making waves in Japan as a skateboarding superstar. She is overbearing and Tim accepts it - which plays into that whole idea of the "kids in pageants" that we've seen in certain current affairs shows and TLC's "Toddlers and Tiaras." 

Tim loves to skateboard, so why would he argue with the wisdom of his mother, but the potential for conflict lies in the fact that Jen has drawn the media's attention to the fact that Tim is "gay." Jen crafts a global brand by which Tim is recognised and he doesn't like it, why? Because he isn't gay and therein lies to possibility of Tim finally kicking up the skateboard and saying no more. 

The fundamental problem here is, again, there weren't any particularly funny moments with Tim or Jen, there was a lot of penis and overbearing moments. I can understand Jen's motivations to "promote" the brand of "Gay Style" to the camera, but the amount of times she mentions it and shows us around just makes the gag wear out it's welcome far too quickly.

As weird as it sounds though, Dan and Nathan's problem with Nathan's problematic masturbation schedule (see: all the time) was the highlight of the episode. In the organisation of Nathan's farewell, Dan brings up the issue Nathan seems to be having, and it's his urge to download porn and enjoy it.

The gags were small but funny, with Nathan devising ways to stop him becoming rather great, with milk bottles taped over his hands so he "can't grab his cock" and having a shoe ready at the head of his bed to throw at Nathan at the first time and when he throws that shoe, wow, you have to laugh at Nathan's reaction. Good stuff.

Much lighter to watch this week - which is a good thing, it's an improvement. I'm hoping there is more, but the episode was still lacking laugh out loud moments, however the episode wasn't jarring and I was able to sit through it without my head in my hands. It's a slow progression, but it's something I'm willing to tolerate contrary to the tolerance of the viewers that have left if you've heard the ratings. The show is here to stay, but it could determine whether Lilly has the staying power he used to. We can only wait.

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